Project Objectives

The project MUSIC IN THE CIRCLE aims to create a dynamic international network of musicians, cultural operators, cultural centers with a regular musical programming along the year and festivals. The project will seek to exchange good practices and competences between partners and disseminate the experiences in the context of the final event to be held in Catania.

Music in the circle foresees two parallel cooperation paths: one managed by and addressed to cultural operators and professionals of the music industry, operating music venues or festivals: MiC professionals; another one managed by and addressed to musicians, MiC open Orchestra.

The project will include five parallel transnational meetings of cultural operators during the artistic residencies, in which the network itself will focus on some of the present issues that the musical sector has to face nowadays. The results of these analysis and creations, such as audio and video products and researches, will be presented to an international public of cultural and music operators, musicians and professionals, in a multiplier event, a music Expo, that will take place in Catania, Italy. 

MiC open Orchestra will be composed of a core group of six musicians. The core group will tour across the partner nations and meet three local artists in five co-creative residences. The aim of their collaboration is to develop a repertoire and transform human and cultural diversity into inclusion, as an opportunity to learn and to enrich the individual artistic experience, that will end with a live performance in each venue or festival. All the songs produced will be published on a digital distribution platform, an opportunity for visibility and income.